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Doug Trapp

The Reviews
"Doug Trapp's portrayal of Professor Henry Higgins is flawless. It's as if he's perfected the role for a decade but ensures the audience believes it's the first, fresh run."

"Doug Trapp's exceedingly well sung and believable throughout. It's a character that gets trickier as time passes. In George Bernard Shaw's original play, Higgins could be a misogynist ass without having to transform into someone we want Eliza Doolittle to end up with. Trapp makes the transformation subtle but clear. When he sings about growing accustomed to her face, not only is the realization believable but so is his own amazement that he's capable of such emotion. Henry and Eliza never speak of love, but the feeling is palpable."
-Lou Harty,
Indiana Business Journal

"Taking the leads were Erin Oechsel as Eliza Doolittle and Doug Trapp as her teacher, Henry Higgins. Both shined in their portrayals. As Higgins, although Trapp did remind me of Rex Harrison in several short passages, he made the role his own with new interpretations and subtleties. Both performers are very fine actors as well as accomplished singers and together they present a delightful pairing.
-Ken Klingenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle


Henry Higgins
My Fair Lady, Actors Theatre of Indiana, Sept 2014

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Pronouncing the Lisson Grove lingo
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